We welcome unsolicited submissions from July 1 to November 1, 2018. We look forward to considering your work!

See genre guidelines below for specific info. All submissions must be previously unpublished.

Accessibility note: if Submittable is not accessible to you, please contact the appropriate genre editor via email for accommodation instructions.

Ends on November 1, 2018

Upload general poetry submissions here. 

A diverse team of readers and our editorial board evaluate each poem, which means we do not have a particular aesthetic other than quality. 

Please no more than 5 poems as a single submission. Please submit only once per reading period. 

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere. 

If you wish to withdraw only a particular piece from a submission of multiple poems, please ADD A NOTE via Submittable. Do not email the editors about withdrawing individual poems from a group.

Ends on November 1, 2018

Upload general fiction submissions here.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere. Please submit only once per reading period. 

Limit 6,000 words.

Ends on November 1, 2018

Upload creative nonfiction submissions here. 

All styles (memoir, journalistic, lyric, etc.) are welcome. A diverse team of readers and our editorial board evaluate each piece, which means we do not have a particular aesthetic other than quality.  

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere. 

Submissions under 5,000 words preferred.

In conjunction with the Blanton Museum of Art and its permanent installation, Ellsworth Kelly's Austin, we are seeking ekphrastic and/or inspired work operating in direct response to Austin

Artists and writers who have visited this incredible space on UT's campus and found it artistically stimulating are welcome to upload their work here. 

Guidelines: Original, unpublished work only. Most genres and standard file formats are acceptable. (Please see the note on the Upload File button below about samples and file types.) 

We are open to poems, sketches, stories, researched/scholarly articles, visual art, songs, or just about anything. Surprise us!

Selected pieces may be featured on our website, or perhaps hosted on the Blanton's website or promotional materials. Some pieces may be featured in our next issue. 

Please specify in your cover letter how your submission is directly inspired by or in conversation with Austin. 

Do not upload work that clearly belongs in our general submission categories. (For example, no previously finished stories or poems where you've squeezed in a reference to Austin at the last minute.) We won't consider these. 

Show us how Austin has influenced you and your craft!

Ends on November 1, 2018

Bat City features a wide variety of work by visual artists of all kinds in its pages. 

Please upload visual art submissions here. 

The artwork featured in the Bat City Review is held to the same standards as the literary works it publishes. We are receptive to art submissions of all kinds, inclusive of drawing, painting, photography, digital works, and documentation of sculpture and performance. We welcome anything that can be represented well in our print publication or on our website.

Editors may elect to publish accepted visual submissions either online or in our print issue, or both. 

Accepted file formats include: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, mp4, tif, tiff, png, mov, avi.

If the file type you need is not available, contact the Art Editor for assistance, or upload a .jpg photo or .pdf with a SAMPLE OF THE WORK. Specify the nature of the submission in your cover letter. The editors will review your sample and contact you if they wish to see more.

If you have further questions, contact our Art Editor at art@batcityreview.com

Got something different?

In keeping with BCR's tradition of seeking out unusual and unquantifiable work, we offer this space for artists and writers to submit pieces that definitely do not fit into any of our regular submission categories. 

We define "cross genre" as multidisciplinary or multi-genre work, but we are open to being convinced otherwise. Your piece could be collaborative, interactive, or just plain strange. If so, upload it here. (See note #1 below first.)

For an example of what we mean by cross genre, see the Issue 14 feature It All Melts Down To This, a "visual novel in timelines," available here: http://www.batcityreview.org/feature-iamdtt


1) Please do NOT submit prose poems, semi-zany essays, or other recognizable genre work here. Our poetry/prose/art editor can handle a little experimentation. If your work is in an accepted/recognized form in your genre, submit it in the appropriate/closest genre category. This space is for truly cross/multi-form pieces only. 

2) If the file format you need is not available below, or if your piece doesn't fit easily into any file format, please upload a SAMPLE of your work in jpeg or pdf form. If our editors are interested, we'll contact you for more.

3) We are a print journal, so the editors reserve the right to publish cross-genre work on our website only, or to offer conditional acceptance to writers/artists if the format of the piece is not conducive to print form. 

3) Translations of poetry/prose should be submitted in the normal categories, with a note in the cover letter. 


Kimberly Quiogue Andrews      Mary Jo Bang      Hera Lindsay Bird

Sarah Blake      Luther Hughes      Julia Leverone 

Daniel Levin      Aditi Machado      Justin Phillip Reed

C. Samuel Rees      Baek Seok      Francisco “Paco” Urondo 

L. Vella      Allison Benis White      Emily Jungmin Yoon


Tyler Barton      Michael Chaney      Raven Leilani

Amy Neswald      Ryan Shek      Shilpi Suneja

Kellie Wells


Madison Smartt Bell      Victoria Blanco      Christina Rivera Cogswell

Ron Currie Jr.      Aja Gabel      Sara Greenslit

Mohsin Hamid      Tracey Lien      Kathryn Nuernberger

Naomi Shihab Nye      Gin Phillips


Marcel Alcalá      Bryan Graf      Emily Jones

Jocelyn Lee      Savanna Pettengill      MaKenna Pope

Cheryle St. Onge      Alison Veit      Cameron Welch


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