We welcome unsolicited submissions from July 1 to October 1, 2020. We look forward to considering your work!

See genre guidelines below for specific info. All submissions must be previously unpublished.

Accessibility note: if Submittable is not accessible to you, please contact the appropriate genre editor via email for accommodation instructions.

Julie Hanson * Ruth Madievsky * Robert Lynn * Louise Akers * Amy Lawless * Gabriella R. Tallmadge * George David Clark * Armen Davoudian * Jake Byrne * Yerra Sugarman * Kristen Steenbeeke * Kirstin Allio * Isabel Duarte-Gray * Charlie Clark

Li Bai translated by Yun Wang * Marlon Hacla translated by Kristine Ong Muslim * Matilde Campilho translated by Hugo Dos Santos

Adam Roux * Nickalus Rupert * Alexandra Gauss * Anitha Ahmed * Lee Matalone * Kell Connor

Aimee Sun Kwon * Dina Peone * Daniel Garcia * Megan Goss * Raksha Vasudevan * Jen Schneider

Honour Mack * Mirjam Frosth * Aineki Traverso * Helice Wen * Brendan Shea * Lawrence Sumulong * Susanna Koetter * Katilin Chan * Amy Guidry * Eva Claycomb

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